Odissea - Residència per a Viatgers amb discapacitat / Residencia para Viajeros con discapacidad / Home for Travelers with Disabilities

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All rooms are provided with intercoms, full electric controlled beds, beds for care givers, cranes, wheelchair loaders, furniture, exterior balcony doors, TV and Wi-Fi. The dining room is adapted for people with different degrees and types of disabilites

The hostel offers 2 types of rooms:
8 single rooms with shared bathrooms from 40 euros / night
8 double rooms with private bathroom from 60 euros / night

Let us know your menu and we will offer you a breakfast adapted to your specific needs. We can also provide you a picnic as a lunch or dinner alternative for your city sightseeing.


Medical Orderly Services: 15 euros /hour
Doctor Assistance: 26 euros /hour
Repair Services for power wheelchairs
City Sightseeing (Leisure and Cultural Activities)

FOR MORE INFORMATION: odissea@odissea.cat

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